Shipping Policy

We firmly believe in making it as easy as possible for you to feel comfortable with your shopping experience at Offshore Cheap Meds.

Our hassle-free refund policy provides the assurance you deserve in your online purchase by offering a full refund or redispatch if your order 
returns back to the pharmacy due to any issue with customs of shipping country (USA Only) to your address without any extra shipping cost.

There will be no refund if your parcel gets returned due to following reasons;

1. Addressee not available at the time of delivery

2. Notice left by the post to the addressee

3. Delivery missed by addressee

4. Addressee advised to pick up the parcel from the post

Keep tracking your parcel to avoid such conditions. You will have to pay extra shipping cost if opt for re-dispatch.

Note: There is no refund to the orders where shipping countries have restrictions on import of the medicines. This is the sole responsibility of the customers to provide and 
submit all the documents required for the clearance of shipment to the customs or post of shipping country. Offshorecheapmeds do not have any role to deal with customs and other 
issues once parcel being shipped.

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